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St. George’s, Grenada. September 17th, 2018. A recognition and award ceremony was held by the National Ozone Unit on Monday September 17th, 2018 to recognize women who are involved in the refrigeration and air conditioning sector in Grenada. During the ceremony seventeen (17) women were presented with special recognition awards.  The ceremony formed part of the “Watch Me Work” initiative organised by the NOU as part of the celebrations to commemorate World Ozone Day, 2018.

Seven (7) ladies received awards for their services to the industry, either as, managers, sales clerks, procurement officers or instructors while another ten (10) who are active technicians in the field received tool-kits, valued at EC $1,600.00 each.

Preceding the award ceremony, a special symposium was organised for women who are involved in the RAC sector as well as RAC students and other females with interest in this sector. Many of the issues associated with women who operate in male dominated technical fields were addressed. Challenges, opportunities as well as successes were identified by the many speakers who presented. Among the speakers were: Ms. Shakira Boyce, RAC Instructor at the Samuel Jackman Prescod Institute of Technology, Barbados, Mrs. Anya Menezes-Chow Chung, CEO at George F. Huggins and Mrs Elaine Henry-McQueen, Senior Programme Officer at the Division of Gender and Family Affairs. Also sharing on their personal experiences were: Ms Michelle Slinger an Architect for over twenty years and Mrs Samantha Hossle, an engineer at Grenada Electricity Company (Grenlec) with over fifteen years experience in the field.



 An integral part of the day’s activity was a practical demonstration by the female technicians. They skillfully performed the task of  removing an existing air conditioner at the HVAC Classroom at TAMCC, that operates with a potent high global warming, green house gas and replaced it with an environmentally safe, energy efficient alternative unit.

In line with theme for the 2018 World Ozone Day Celebration, the NOU urges these young ladies to “Keep Cool and Carry on”.

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