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Green air conditioners for tropical Grenada?

Air conditioners are becoming increasingly popular in the tropical heat of Grenada and Carriacou. Efforts to make them more climate friendly are posing new challenges for local technicians.

   Project goal: GIZ wants to promote a more climate-friendly kind of air conditioner on Grenada and Carriacou. The effort is part of the IKI-project “Cool Contributions Fighting Climate Change”

Project implementation: Among other things, the project supports partner countries’ efforts to remove obstacles to the use of natural cooling agents and propellants
Project partners: Ministry of Finance, Planning, Economic Development, Trade, Energy and Cooperatives, Grenada,International Climate Initiative (IKI) of the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMU)
Project scope: Aside from Grenada, the project area also encompasses Costa Rica, Iran, Vietnam and Philippines, and is supported by BMU with a total of €4.7 million ($5.5 million)
Project duration: From Januray 2016 to June 2021

The Carribean heat on Grenada and Carriacou makes air conditioners a popular addition to the home. Though they traditionally have poor green credentials, there are now efforts to make the devices more environmentally friendly by using propane as a natural cooling agent. But the gas is highly flammable, meaning installation and maintenance require special knowledge and skills on the part of technicians, something they often lack — until now.

A film by Katja Döhne


St. George’s, Grenada. September 17th, 2018. A recognition and award ceremony was held by the National Ozone Unit on Monday September 17th, 2018 to recognize women who are involved in the refrigeration and air conditioning sector in Grenada. During the ceremony seventeen (17) women were presented with special recognition awards.  The ceremony formed part of the “Watch Me Work” initiative organised by the NOU as part of the celebrations to commemorate World Ozone Day, 2018.

Seven (7) ladies received awards for their services to the industry, either as, managers, sales clerks, procurement officers or instructors while another ten (10) who are active technicians in the field received tool-kits, valued at EC $1,600.00 each.

Preceding the award ceremony, a special symposium was organised for women who are involved in the RAC sector as well as RAC students and other females with interest in this sector. Many of the issues associated with women who operate in male dominated technical fields were addressed. Challenges, opportunities as well as successes were identified by the many speakers who presented. Among the speakers were: Ms. Shakira Boyce, RAC Instructor at the Samuel Jackman Prescod Institute of Technology, Barbados, Mrs. Anya Menezes-Chow Chung, CEO at George F. Huggins and Mrs Elaine Henry-McQueen, Senior Programme Officer at the Division of Gender and Family Affairs. Also sharing on their personal experiences were: Ms Michelle Slinger an Architect for over twenty years and Mrs Samantha Hossle, an engineer at Grenada Electricity Company (Grenlec) with over fifteen years experience in the field.



 An integral part of the day’s activity was a practical demonstration by the female technicians. They skillfully performed the task of  removing an existing air conditioner at the HVAC Classroom at TAMCC, that operates with a potent high global warming, green house gas and replaced it with an environmentally safe, energy efficient alternative unit.

In line with theme for the 2018 World Ozone Day Celebration, the NOU urges these young ladies to “Keep Cool and Carry on”.

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St. George’s Grenada., August 31st, 2018: Refrigeration and air conditioning technicians in Grenada were the beneficiaries of expert training in Natural refrigerant technology during the period of August 20th – 31st 2018. Forty five (45) refrigeration and air conditioning technicians received training in theory and practicals from German expert, Mr. Dennis Huehren who visited the island to conduct the training under the Cool Contributions fighting Climate Change (C4) project.

The training delivered consisted of three components: (a) Theory which had 40 participants (b) Fit for Splits -train the trainers, 16 participants and (c) Brazing practicals which had 33 participants.  Some technicians participated in all three components

The Gre20180831_092927.jpgnada Cool Training which is a variation and an off-shoot of the International Cool Training organised by GIZ Proklima in Germany, is intended not only to benefit local technicians but other technicians in the Caribbean region.  The premier training institution on the island, the T A Marryshow Community College has already agreed to adopt the training and to incorporate as part of the training offered to technicians.

September 2018

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