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The National Ozone Unit of the Energy Division of the Ministry of Finance, on Wednesday January 27th, 2010, handed out recovery and recycling equipment, valued at US$50,000.00, to four institutions, for the establishment of four (4) additional Recovery and Recycling Centres and the of upgrading of the Recovery and Recycling Centre at TAMCC.

The establishment of Recovery and Recycling Centres is a component of Phase II of Grenada’s Terminal Phase-out Management Plan (TPMP) for CFC’s. This programme is managed by the National Ozone Unit. Its main objective is to play its part in the global endeavor to protect, preserve and enhance the fragile Ozone Layer by ridding the planet of harmful Ozone Depleting Substances.

Prior to yesterday, 13 Centres had been already being established throughout Grenada. This was done in February 2009 by the Ozone Unit in collaboration Grenada Refrigeration, Air-conditioning and Ventilating Association (GRAVA).

The distribution of the current equipment will see the establishment of four additional centres at:

• St. George’s University

• Grenada Airports Authority

• General Hospital , and

• Dave Riley’s Workshop, Tempe , St. George’s

Each of the newly established centres received:

• Refrigerant Recovery Unit

• Refrigerant Identifier

• Electronic Charging Scale

• Electronic Leak Detector

• Vacuum Pump

• 30 and 50 lbs recovery storage cylinders

• Thermometer

• 72” Quick Seal Hose set

• Manifold Gauges

• Control Valve

• Vacuum Gauge

• Valve Core remover and installer

• Manifold pressure test kit

• Dial-a-charge

These centres were chosen based on the volume of refrigerants handled, accessibility of the equipment to technician, requisite training and membership in the association of refrigeration and Air-condition technicians in Grenada.

The main objective of establishing Recovery and Recycling Centres is to provide local technicians with the necessary equipment to prevent them from venting or purging refrigerants into the atmosphere that can damage the ozone layer. Some of these refrigerant gases are also green house gases (GHG) and can contribute to global warming.

The equipment was distributed by the Minister of Environment, Hon. Michael Church.

Funding for the equipment was provided by UNDP and the equipment was supplied by GRAVA.

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