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The Government of Belize in conjunction with the United Nations Environment Programme/Regional Office for Latin America and the Caribbean (UNEP/ROLAC) has agreed to host a workshop in Hydrocarbon Refrigerants from October 13 -15, 2009 in Belize City .

Among the key areas participants would receive training in are:

• Physical and chemical properties of Hydrocarbons;

• Thermodynamic Characteristics of hydrocarbons;

• Environmental Impacts

• Safety characteristics and considerations;

• Practical demonstration and conversion procedures.

Hydrocarbon refrigerants in addition to their zero ozone depleting potential (ODP), also have zero global warming potential (GWP) and are much more energy efficient. This translates to a refrigerant that is good for the ozone layer and climate system and significantly reduces energy consumption and cost.

An integral component of Grenada’s Terminal Phase Out Management Plan (TPMP) for CFC’s is to provide knowledge, skills, and necessary training on alternative ozone friendly refrigerants that provide best solutions for ozone layer protection, whilst providing economic and other environmental benefits.

The National Ozone Unit of Grenada has selected two local Refrigeration and Air Condition technicians to attend this workshop in Alternative Refrigerants – Hydrocarbons, for the Refrigeration and Air-condition (RAC) Industry.

The two (2) technicians selected to represent the National RAC industry are: Mr. Michael Cadore, RAC Lecturer at T A Marryshow Community College and Mr. Henry Frederick attached to the Maurice Bishop International Airport .

Part of the criteria set down by the National Ozone Unit is that the selected participants are expected on their return, to conduct at least two (2) workshops for other local technicians in the related area of the workshop.

Funding for the local participants is made possible by the National Ozone Unit through the United Nations Environment Program as part of Grenada ‘s Ozone Depleting Substances (ODS) phase out project.

At the press conference the selected technicians will be presented with air line tickets and workshop materials to facilitate their travel and participation. Participants will also be provided with per diem to cover the cost of their accommodation, meals and incidentals while in Belize.

September 2009

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