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ST. GEORGE’S , GRENADA , Friday, July 01, 2011: The National Ozone Unit of Grenada launched its Hydrochloroflourocarbons (HCFCs) Phase out Management Plan (HPMP) on June 15, 2011, under the watch words, “CFCs Gone, HCFC Must Go”.

Grenada is among the first Latin American and Caribbean Countries to launch this project.

Funding for Grenada’s HPMP is being provided by the Multilateral Fund for the Implementation of the Montreal Protocol and is administrated by the lead implementing agency, United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP).

During the launch held at the National Stadium, the National Ozone Unit was complemented for its effort and contribution in phasing out ozone depleting substances. Keynote speaker, Dr. Marissa Gowrie from the Ministry of Housing and Environment of Trinidad and Tobago congratulated the National Ozone Unit and recognized the lead Grenada has taken among Caribbean territories in this effort.

Policy and Enforcement Officer of United Nations Environment Programme/Regional Office for Latin America and the Caribbean (UNEP/ROLAC), Ms. Artie Dubrie also praised Grenada for its leadership role and encourage the National Ozone Unit (NOU) to move steadfastly in phasing out HCFCs, so that very soon Grenada can say “CFCs Gone HCFCs Gone too”.

Another of the overseas guests, Ms. Donnalyn Charles, Sustainable Development and Environment Officer, St. Lucia cautioned about the many challenges that will be encountered. She indicated that “some will be a repeat (referring to the phase out of CFCs) and some will be new, as we address not only ozone layer protection but also linkages with climate change and energy efficiency…”

During the ceremony the NOU presented three awards to outstanding individuals who have made invaluable contribution to Grenada in the phasing out of CFCs and in the preparation of the HPMP. The recipients were: Ms. Artie Dubrie, of UNEP/ROLAC for her outstanding contribution over the years in relation to Grenada’s success with the Regional Management Plan (RMP), Terminal Phase out Management Plan (TPMP) and Institutional Strengthening projects. Mr. John Telesford for his excellent work as lead consultant in the preparation of the HPMP and final project document, and, Hon. Michael Church for his international leadership on Grenada’s Montreal Protocol related matters.

Officials present at the ceremony included Mr. Curlan Gilchrist representing the Ministry of Finance; Mrs. Faye Thompson of the UNDP local office; Mrs. Valerie Cornwall of the GEF Small Grants Program; Mr. Leslie Smith from the National Ozone Unit; Mr. Michael Mitchell, President of GRAVA. Other persons present included representatives from the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF), the Coast Guard, the Grenada Bureau of Standards, the Grenada Customs & Excise Department; importers of refrigerants and refrigeration and air-conditioning technicians and students.

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