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Another Local Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Technician Benefits From training In Germany



National Ozone Unit: As part of the National Ozone Unit (NOU) ongoing policy to develop the capacity of local refrigeration and air conditioning (RAC) as well as provide opportunities to gain international experience in the area of Natural Refrigerant Technology, senior instructor at the T A Marryshow College (TAMCC), Mr. Michael Cadore left the island on Saturday October 8th, 2016 to attend a two week intensive training program in Germany.

The “Cool Training” for RAC trainers and experts is organized by GIZ Proklima with funding provided by the Government of Germany in collaboration with the BFS Vocational Training Centre in Maintal, Germany. The format of the training would be 70% practical and 30% theoretical.

During the two weeks training from October 10th – 21st, Mr. Cadore and the rest of the participants would be exposed to a wide range of topics including safety consideration when working with natural refrigerants, more specific, hydrocarbons . Hydrocarbons are widely promoted as one of the most suitable replacement for refrigerants that are ozone depleting or with high global warming potential.  Under Grenada’s hydrofluorocarbon (HCFC) phase out management plan (HPMP), natural refrigerant technology has been identified as the technology of choice to leap-frog the high GWP hydrofluorocarbons (HFC) refrigerants .

Mr. Cadore is the second RAC technician from Grenada within the last four months to benefit from this opportunity. Earlier in July, Mr. Henry Frederick also attended the “Cool Training” in Germany.  Mr. Cadore, on his return is expected to work along with the NOU and TAMCC to conduct training in the related area to other technicians in Grenada.  The NOU has identified a number of other local technicians to benefit from similar training opportunities.


October 2016

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