January 15, 2020, St. George’s, Grenada. The National Ozone Unit (NOU) of Grenada continues to deliver impressive results with regards to the country’s ozone depleting substances (ODS) phase-out obligations under the Montreal Protocol on substances that deplete the ozone layer.

Grenada, considered a very low volume consuming country of ozone depleting substances, established a baseline of 15.1 metric tonnes and a freeze in consumption in the year 2013.  Under the Montreal Protocol’s phase out schedule, Article 5 (developing countries ) are required to achieve a 35% reduction in consumption of their baseline, by January 01, 2020.

Data on consumption of ODS as of January 1, 2020, from the National Ozone Unit (NOU),ODS data capmaprioson indicates that the country’s consumption level is well with the Montreal Protocol phase out obligations. According to National Ozone Officer, Mr. Leslie Smith, “Grenada has not only surpassed its 2020 obligations in phasing out ODSs, but is already ahead of it’s 2025 consumption target” (set by the Montreal protocol).  Mr Smith further indicated, that to date, Grenada has phased out approximately 80% of ODSs consumed in the country. Grenada and other Article 5 countries are required to phase out consumption of ODS by 2030. It is projected that the complete phase out of HCFCs in Grenada can occur well in advance of this target.

The NOU recognizes the efforts and contributions of all the National Stakeholders that are responsible for these results. Among them are: importers of RAC equipment and refrigerants, the Customs and Excise Division, the Department of Trade, the Grenada Refrigeration, Air-Conditioning and Ventilating Association (GRAVA), the Grenada Bureau of Standards (GDBS) and the TA Marryshow Community College (TAMCC).