National Ozone Unit, Carenage, St. George’s Grenada. May 19th, 2019. The National Ozone Unit (NOU) was the host of a special meeting with the GIZ to discuss matters relevant to  two projects that the NOU and GIZ are partnering on; the Cool Contributions fighting Climate Change (C4)  and the Sustainable Phase Out of Ozone Depleting Substances (SPODS) projects.

20190520_122525-1The team from the GIZ that met with the National Ozone Officer, Mr. Leslie Smith included GIZ Technical Advisor, Ms. Marion Geiss and Technical Consultant on the C4 project, Mr. Curllan Bhola.

The objective of the meeting was to evaluate the progress made, review and update the work plans for both projects and to discuss new initiatives. Among the many issues discussed under the C4 project included, the RAC national inventory report, the AC pilot project on natural refrigerants, Cool Training and the national cooling strategy.  With regards to the SPODs project, discussions were held on the ODS banks inventory, a strategy for disposal and a communications strategy for the NOU. The meeting also discussed an AC case study at the Belmont Estate Chocolate Factory.