20181024_175709[1]Friday October 26th, 2018:  The Grenada Refrigeration, Air Conditioning ad Ventilating Association (GRAVA) concluded a very successful Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Wednesday October 24th, 2018 at the T A Marryshow Community College.  Over forty (40) refrigeration and air conditioning technicians, representing all sectors of the industry, attended the approximately ninety (90) minutes meeting.  This has been the first AGM since October 2012. The AGM of GRAVA is constitutionally due by the last  Thursday of October and has been organised by the sitting executive to rejuvenate the association.  GRAVA at one stage was ranked among the most active RAC associations in the Caribbean.  President, Mr. Lenard Frank in his address encouraged the members to join forces for a collective effort to re-position GRAVA as the most preeminent association in the region.

Also addressing the meeting was National Ozone Officer, Mr. Leslie Smith, who lamented on the need for a very close  working relationship between GRAVA and the National Ozone Unit. “Refrigeration and air conditioning is the target area in the NOU’s work portfolio; the NOU is prepared to extend additional support in assisting the Association to return to full functionality”, Mr. Smith said.


Dr. Telesford: GRAVA AGM

The highlight of meeting was the feature address delivered by Dr. John Telescford of the T A Marryshow Community College.  Dr. Telesford who is a member of the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) is also an Honorary Member of GRAVA.  Dr. Telesford addressed the technicians on the topic: “Building Our New Energy Future, Together”. He informed the technicians that global environmental issues such as ozone depletion and climate change are among the  the key driving forces that is shaping the RAC industry today. He went on to say that “this new thrust therefore makes us not just RAC technicians, but individuals and organizations offering energy related solutions to our clients and customers. Our new future therefore is about energy! In fact, we seem to be going ‘back to the future’ to shape our ‘new energy future’”. Sending a very stern message to the association members, Dr. Telesford reiterated that GRAVA needs to get past the ‘Forming Stage’ and to aggressively transition to the ‘Storming’ and ‘Norming’ Stages in order to get to the ‘Performing’ stage in the organisation’s developmental process. In so doing, he identified a number of benefits the members can derive from the association.

The meeting also included reports from the Secretary and Treasurer and discussed core areas that the members would like  GRAVA to address for them in the 2019 business plan.