Mr. Heston Mann ad Mr. Shannel Franklyn, refrigeration and air-conditioning teachers


Mr. Heston Mann

of St. Mark’s Secondary School and Boca Secondary School respectively, returned to Grenada after successfully completing a  two weeks training course in Germany, in the area of Natural Refrigerant technologies.


Mr. Shannel Franklyn

These two schools are the only secondary schools on the island that offers refrigeration and air-conditioning as part of their technical curriculum.  Additionally, the schools will be introducing Caribbean Vocational Qualification (CVQ) certification when  new academic year starts in September 2018. The intention of the National Ozone Unit (NOU) is to have a module on Natural Refrigerants included in the syllabus of this program. The selection of the teachers to attend this training is geared towards equipping them with the knowledge and experience to adequately prepare the students in new and emerging technologies that are ozone and climate friendly.

Natural refrigerant technology is one of the technologies that is promoted by the NOU as a replacement for the high global warming and ozone depleting flouorinated gases that are currently used in the RAC sector in Grenada.

The attendance of the training was facilitated by the NOU with support from the Cool Contributions fighting Climate Change (C4) project that is funded by the government of Germany through GIZ