National Ozone Unit, St. George’s, Grenada:  Four (4) local refrigeration and air conditioning technicians recently completed a train-the-trainers course in flammable refrigerant technology have been presented with their certificates upon successful completion.  They are the first in Grenada to be certified in accordance to Regulation 300/2008 of the European Commission, as as operator of stationery refrigeration, air-conditioning and heat pump equipment containing certain flourinated green house gases.  They have also been certified in Flammable Refrigerant technology by Real Alternatives Europe.  The training was conducted by Centro Studi Galileo of Italy and the participants were require to pass written and practical assessments.

The four technicians are: Mr. Michalel Cadore who is a senior lectures at TAMCC, Mr. Henry Frederick attached to the Maurice Bishop Intentional Airport, Mr. Curtis James, lecturer at NEWLO and Mr. Lance Simpson, Operations Manager at Cooling Tech Grenada Limited.