Hon.  Oliver Joseph, Minister of Trade,Planning and Co-operatives

Day three of the Workshop focused heavily on Risk Management and looked into all aspects that relate to Customs Officers their roles with respect to preventing illegal trade in ODS in the Caribbean.  The day began with a very interesting presentation by Dr. Ezra Clark on ODS smuggling.  Mr. Clark highlighted some of the common smuggling techniques used and some case studies where illegal trade was intercepted.  Mr. Rene Parkes who presented on Risk Management looked at the importance of Risk Management, its application to ODS trade and enabling the Risk Management functions in ASYCUDA World.

The day ended with a closing ceremony during which remarks were delivered by the Minister for Trade, Planning and Co-operatives, Hon. Oliver Joseph, Dr. Ezra Clark fromUNEP Ozonaction, Paris and Mr. Leslie Smith, National Ozone Officer of Grenada.  Certificates of participation was presented to all the participants.

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