At the invitation of the National Ozone Unit, Ministry of Physical Development and the Environment of St. Lucia, Grenada’s National Ozone Officer and member of the Executive Committee of the Multi-lateral Fund for the implementation of the Montreal Protocol (2010, 2011), Mr. Leslie Smith, attended and delivered an address at the launch of the Hydrochlorofluorcarbon (HCFC) Phase-out Management Plan (HPMP) for St. Lucia.

St. Lucia’s HPMP was approved at the 64 th Meeting of the Executive Committee for the implementation of the Montreal Protocol in July 2011 and outlines the strategies and activities to achieve the Montreal Protocol phase-out targets up to the year 2020. The launch, which was held on September 14th, 2011, formed part of the activities of the St. Lucia National Ozone Unit (NOU) celebrations of “International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer” which is celebrated globally on September 16th. The theme for the 2011 celebration was: “HCFC Phase-out: a unique opportunity”.

Mr. Smith, in his address, congratulated the St. Lucian government on this milestone achievement and for their sterling contribution in the fight to rid the planet of harmful ozone depleting substances. He however cautioned that the NOU should not become complacent in their and efforts, but must continue along this path until the recovery of the ozone layer to pre-1980 levels is realized.

The National Ozone Unit of Grenada launched its HPMP on June 15th, 2011. During this launch, the National Ozone Officer of St. Lucia and Trinidad and Tobago were two of the specially invited guests for the ceremony. This initiative of such kinds of exchanges between National Ozone Officers of the Sub-region of the English Speaking Caribbean and Haiti is a clear manifestation of how networking can bring benefits to all.

Also attending the ceremony was Mr. George James, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Physical Development and the Environment, Mrs. Annette Augustin, Deputy Chief Sustainable Development Officer, Mr. Bishnu Tulsie, Lead HPMP Consultant and Ms. Donnalyn Charles, Sustainable Development and Environment Officer/National Ozone Officer.

Congratulations to the National Ozone Unit of St. Lucia.