As the National Ozone Unit evaluates the first year of its Refrigeration and Air-conditioning scholarship program, the NOU recognises the outstanding performances of the first group of students enrolled in the program.

A report from the TA Marryshow Community College (TAMCC) where scholarship recipients are pursuing a two year program in Refrigeration and Air-conditioning indicates that after the second semester all the students performed well and recorded a Grade Point Average (GPA) of over 2.0 on a 4.0 grading system.

One of the recipients of the scholarship, Denis Lyons performed exceptionally well during the second semester and was placed on the Dean’s list after achieving a GPA of over 3.5.

In a brief exchange with the National Ozone Officer, Denis attributes his success to his commitment to his studies, his passion for the area of study and his determination to make optimum use of the scholarship opportunity. He also praises the lecturers at TAMCC for the manner in which they present the material that facilitates the learning process and for the motivation that they provide.

Denis performed well in all courses but singles out domestic refrigeration and welding and brazing as his favorite subjects areas, although he was quick to add that he wants specialise in commercial air-conditioning and control systems.

The young student was also high in praise to the National Ozone Unit for opportunity afforded him and the other nine students in the program. He lamented that coming from a rural community it would have been difficult to find all the funding necessary for the two year of study. He encourages the other students to rise above the challenges and make optimum use of the opportunity.

The National Ozone Unit offers its congratulations to all of the scholarship students and would like to particularly recognize the outstanding accomplishment of Denis Lyons.

In the meantime applications are being received for the second group of student to be enrolled in the program. The deadline for submission of applications is Friday August 26th, 2011. Application forms are available at the National Ozone Unit and the T A Marryshow Community College.