Local Refrigeration and Air-conditioning technicians who have benefitted from training in Natural Refrigerant technology organized by the National Ozone Unit (NOU) are now finding business opportunities in this new and emerging market. Two of the beneficiaries of the training after consultations with the NOU have now invested into two separate business activities to supply HC refrigerants and compressors respectively.

Hydrocarbon technology has been introduced into the domestic refrigeration sector in Grenada for several years now. Local technicians have also being involved in retrofitting Mobile Air-conditioning (MAC) systems dating as far back as 2006. In more recent times, as a result of the training provided to RAC technicians, there have been several more retrofits in Mobile Air-Conditioning (MAC) and unitary split AC systems.

The promulgation of Hydrocarbon technology has lead to greater demand for servicing components. Previously, there has been a lone supplier of HC refrigerants on the island that supplied the local market and other Caribbean neighboring islands.

The inclusion of a second HC refrigerant supplier and introduction for sale of R-600a compressors for the domestic refrigeration sector is a much-welcomed initiative by the NOU.

The NOU praised the two local entrepreneurs for their initiatives and further encourages other technicians to get involved in this new and emerging market in Grenada and to take advantage of the benefits to be derived.

According to the local entrepreneur, these R-600A compressors have the added advantage over the R-134A compressors of being 30 – 40% more energy efficient, quieter, use less refrigerant charge, and does not contribute to ozone layer depletion or global warming. They also operate at a lower “head” pressure and are expected to have a longer operating life.

The National Ozone Unit views these initiatives as extremely significant as part of the Public Private Sector Partnership initiatives as we forge ahead with the implementation of the recently launched HCFC Phase out Management Plan (HPMP).