The ten (10) students at the TAMCC who were the recipients of the NOU Refrigeration and Air-conditioning Scholarship for the two year program at the college along with other classmates and lecturer Mr. Henry Frederick visited the Notional Ozone Unit.

The visit was part of the monitoring exercise of the Scholarship Committee to constantly evaluate the scholarship program to ensure that it meets the intended objectives. The exercise included each student giving an account of their progress at the college to date, the positives of their experiences and areas where improvement is needed.

Project Officer in the NOU, Mr. Leslie Smith, addressed the scholarships recipients and reminded them of the expectations of the NO, the need for them to optimize the opportunity to develop their own human capitol and to make positive changes for themselves to enable them to secure their future livelihoods. Students were also handed out membership registration forms to sign up as student members of the Grenada Refrigeration, Air-conditioning and Ventilating Association (GRAVA).

The students were also presented with public awareness material on the Montreal Protocol and the projects and activities currently undertaken by the NOU. Each student pledged to give their support to all of the projects and activities of the NOU and to participate wherever possible in the initiatives of the NOU.

This exercise will continue in 2011 when a further evaluation will be made with particular focus on the academic achievements of the students after the completion of their first semester.